3 Ways Employers Should Shift Their Hiring Strategy

We’ve entered a new era in the job market where candidates now have the power and employers are left with positions being open much longer than in previous years.  But this is not breaking news to anyone…especially those companies that have figured out how to maintain the upper hand and continue to attract top talent to fill challenging tech roles.  Companies who are winning the war for talent have adapted to the new normal rather than keeping antiquated hiring strategies and processes.  The top talent in the IT industry is coming from a new generation…so why are employers’ hiring processes and strategies still reflecting those used pre-Y2K? 


Here are 3 ways that companies should shift their thinking around hiring processes in order to keep up with the highly adaptable workforce:


Be a seller, not a buyer.

Too many companies take on the mentality that a candidate should simply want to work for them and therefore they don’t need to try and sell the candidate on the opportunity.  But in reality, candidates nowadays have numerous job offers and opportunities knocking at their door.  If you’re truly trying to attract top talent, a company needs to sell the candidate on the opportunity, company, culture, environment, challenges, growth opportunities, etc. throughout the entire hiring process.  Get the candidate excited about the prospect of joining the team.  Too many organizations think the exact opposite here and that the candidate should sell them on why they should hire him or her.  Guess what…when the candidate has 5 different companies courting them, he or she is going to select the company that wowed them rather than the company that just shot a barrage of questions at them.  


Streamline the interview process.

The easiest way to make a candidate feel unwanted and turned off from is to interview them 4, 5, 6 times for one position.  Scheduling interviews is a headache…for both the interviewer(s) and interviewee.  If a position is truly a top priority for a company or they want to build a bench of talented professionals, then interviewing needs to be made a top priority in scheduling.  Just because “Manager A” is on vacation for a week and a half doesn’t mean the interview process should be put on hold.  There is no faster way to lose out on top candidates than dragging out the interview process.  Whether that’s in the number of interviews or the length of the interview process.  With tech unemployment hovering between 2.0% and 2.8% for the past four quarters combined with the overabundance of tech openings across the nation, top employers know that they need to get interviews set up quickly, offer and streamlined process, and extend offers quickly and competitively.


Apply the Golden Rule to your processes.

This one should be simple, “treat others as you would like to be treated,” but unfortunately it often gets overlooked.  Hiring managers and HR:  put yourself in the candidate’s shoes.  Imagine if you were the one interviewing for a position.  Would you want to wait 3 weeks after an interview to get feedback?  Would you want to continue interviewing with a company that took a month in between your first and second interview?  Everyone is busy, but in reality it takes 5 minutes to provide feedback on whether or not to continue moving forward with a candidate.  With resources such as Glassdoor nowadays, the “Golden Rule” should be even more crucial in the hiring process.  A recent glassdoor article https://www.glassdoor.com/employers/blog/how-to-recruit-me-software-engineer/ showed that 70% of candidates use sources like glassdoor to judge a company before considering working there.  Treat candidates with the utmost respect during the interview process to make sure reviews are positive, regardless if you end up hiring the candidate or not.



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